Every Interaction Counts

Technology and Applications

EffectiveArts technology is made up of three basic elements: Laboratory with No Consequences™, Theater of Exploration™, and Organizational Storytelling™:

Laboratory with No Consequences
“When the stakes are too high to fail, you: practice, practice, practice. Then, when the real situation occurs, master-level performance is possible”.

We provide high-fidelity simulations with uniquely trained actors that are indistinguishable from reality (near-life experiences™). Participants step into the simulations and try their solutions, then discuss what happened.  Participants get to experience the situation first-hand, and often they report that they forgot our simulations aren’t real.

Theater of Exploration™
“The language we use gives us our world. How key concepts are constructed and languaged either limits them or gives the concepts, and we who use them, power and effectiveness”.

We develop learning-objective –based scenarios that inquire into relevant and important social or technical concepts. Through these scenarios and the interwoven facilitated discussion, the nature of the concept and its related aspects are grappled with, revealed, and articulated.  Participants are left with a deep appreciation for, and understanding and experience of, the concept.

Organizational Storytelling™
“Stories are the fabric of organizations. They bring the shared values and vision alive, and transmit them over time”.

The culture of an organization is determined by the stories it tells itself.  Embedded in the stories are the transcendent values of the group, such as honor, courage, and strength.  We work with organizations to have the storytelling (formal or informal) be conscious and intentional, and have the stories being told be stories of inspiration instead of stories of destruction.

We combine these elements into Applications for training and organizational development: High-Stakes Interactions™, Explore Key Concepts, and Organization-as-Community™:

High-Stakes Interactions™
Communication is used in every interaction between staff and their internal or external stakeholders.  In some of these interactions the stakes are extremely high:  the mission of the organization is fulfilled — or not — depending on their outcome.  EffectiveArts’ High-Stakes Interactions™ process provides training and practice on being poised, graceful, powerful, and effective during these vitally important interactions.

Explore Key Concepts™
Using our Theater of Exploration™ we shed light on and explore an organization’s key — but usually unexamined — concepts. Once the primary aspects of these fundamental concepts are illuminated and distinguished, more powerful definitions can be crafted and articulated with any detrimental aspects omitted.

Research shows that sense of community is positively correlated to employees’ job satisfaction, retention, and organizational attachment, and negatively correlated with intentions to leave the organization, role conflict, role overload, psychological distress, and burnout.  EffectiveArts’ Organization-as-Community™ programs significantly increase sense of community and revitalize employees’ relationship with your organization’s vision, values, and mission.

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