Every Interaction Counts

Effective Organizational Interactions

EffectiveArts improves communications to make your organization’s high-stakes interactions work. When high-stakes interactions are effective your organization’s mission is fulfilled, bottom-line revenue is increased, mistakes are decreased and risk is decreased.
EffectiveArts implements a system that creates true partnerships with all stakeholders (a stakeholder is any party involved in the operations of, or receiving the services of, your organization). We help you create life-long relationships that have your stakeholders be willing participants in your success. While our skills, tools and concepts can be applied to any profession, we provide specialized programs for: Organ/Tissue/Eye Donation, Healthcare Organizations and Educational Institutions.

Our Educational Methodology

EffectiveArts' programs are delivered through a powerful high-fidelity simulation based Educational Methodology developed by us over the last fifteen years.  To date, we have offered more than 2,000 educational sessions across the US and internationally. We provide a learning experience that goes far beyond traditional stand-up lecture, PowerPoint presentations, or role-play (see our Technology and Applications). Our method is an educational delivery mechanism that is truly "up to the task."


The Alabama Organ Center has actively participated in EffectiveArts programs for a year. During this time we have seen an increase in our organ and tissue conversion rate, but equally important is the change in our staff. Our requestors provide family support with more confidence and satisfaction. We have incorporated the EffectiveArts methodologies in all areas of practice with positive results.
Chris B. Meeks, Executive Director
Our eye bank saw two record breaking donor months in a row following this training, with continued high volume following those months as well.  While we cannot say that this donor volume is all due to the training, there certainly is some direct relation.
Kara Laney Petry, SightLife, Seattle Washington


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