Every Interaction Counts

Educational Institutions

EffectiveArts provides three programs for community colleges and universities:  faculty development, leadership training (preparing staff and faculty to step into higher administrative roles, such as Deans and Vice Presidents), and organizational development:

Faculty Development

In 'Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Lighting a Fire, Fanning the Flames', faculty explore the power of igniting students’ passion for the subject matter. Download brochure [Here]

Leadership Training

Many, many senior administrative leaders are currently on the edge of retirement.  Who will step into their shoes to fill the leadership vacuum?  EffectiveArts, commissioned by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, in partnership with the Washington State Center of Excellence for Careers in Education, provides leadership training and development for up-and-coming Deans and Vice Presidents in our 'Leadership Training for Workforce Deans'.  Download brochure [Here].
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Organizational Development

Faculty and staff who function as a robust, learner-focused community can accomplish miracles.  EffectiveArts provides community building programs that revitalize the mission, foster faculty-staff cooperation, and create interdepartmental collaboration. Contact us for details.